Why You Should Overthink Your Decision To Self-Represent?

You may have an entire list of reasons for why self-representation sounds appealing to you, but before you make any hasty decisions, you should first make yourself knowledgeably about the risks that come with it. Many believe all there is to lose is compensation, but that is not true.
Your personal injury claim has the best chance for success when put into the hands of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Chatham who will have the resources and knowledge to protect your rights and present your case in a way that best benefits your claim and has the highest chances of getting you maximum compensation for your accident-related expenses.

Evidence And Presentation

When it comes to self-representation, many claims are already doomed from the start. From the get go, a person who is not an experienced lawyer will most likely already fail when it comes to gathering the evidence necessary to support their case. Obtaining the necessary medical records and other documents containing important details is what makes or breaks a case which makes it all the more important to get help from the start.
The combination of hard facts, evidence, and presentation is what will ultimately get you the compensation you deserve and are owed. Mistakes and failure to provide on these fronts will be met with harsh criticism and judgment which will cost you your case and leave you with nothing.


Coming into a case as an outsider can be vital to a case. A lawyer will look at your case objectively and with the background of somebody who knows how similar cases in the past have fared in court. This will give them the knowledge necessary to offer you an honest assessment of your claim and how likely it is to succeed.
Because of this, they can estimate how much compensation you can expect and should go for, or even whether you should take it to trial at all. When representing yourself, you are coming from a subjective angle which can end with you wasting your time on a claim that gets you nothing, or maybe even costs you as a result of being penalized by the court.

Legal Training

Bringing a personal injury lawyer into your case will give you the best chances of success since they will be familiar with the rules, expectations and legal matters of the entire process. They have considerable experience in handling negotiations and if the out of court settlement does not materialize, then they are not scared of taking the claim to trial. All they want is that you win the maximum compensation possible.