How Frequently Should You Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Following an injury sustained in an accident, most people turn to a personal injury lawyer for support and guidance throughout the claims and settlement process. However, following the initial meeting, a lot of them wonder how frequently they should check in with their personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie. Below, we have put together a guide which addresses this question, as well as what points should be discusses during these check ins.

How frequent should contact be following the initial meeting?

Right after the accident, your main concern should be in regards to your health and recovery. Together with your health care professionals, you will put together a treatment plan, and discuss therapy and medication. Throughout this process, you will be required to follow all of your doctor’s orders and recommendations in order to mitigate your losses as is legally required of you.

In regards to this, you should check in with your lawyer about every three to six months in order to keep them updated about your improvements or other changes in your condition. Should any changes occur between the check-ins, you should reach out to your lawyer right away. Notable changes include transferal to a specialist, recommended surgery, or other changes in your treatment plan. There are other occurrences that also urge for an early check in, such as your employer pushing you to come back into work before you have been cleared by your doctor.

What should be discussed during these updates?

Working with your lawyer on all aspects of the claim will help you benefit with it as all documentation and evidences play a major role in helping you get compensated.

We have put together a list of topics that should all be addressed during each check in. Be sure to tick all of these off to ensure no important matters are overlooked.

• Ask for an update in regards to evidence in support of your claim.
• Verify that you are continuing to follow your doctor’s orders.
• Update your lawyer about your treatment; this includes new prescriptions, referrals to specialists, and surgeries that may have been put under consideration.
• Hand over any receipts you were given in regards to injury- or accident-related expenses
• Provide dated records detailing your treatment, together with a dated schedule of all your appointments related to your recovery
• Give honest feedback on the success or failure of said treatments
• Provide a detailed schedule of the hours you spent at work throughout the recovery process
• Update your lawyer on any communication you have had with your insurer or employer, and then continue to hand over copies of said documents