Understanding All About Negligent Supervision of Children Leading To Injuries

When children decide to walk out the door and go to school, they are going to face a range of different and new situation as well as experiences. This can encompass everything from taking part in brand new activities on certain school grands to visiting destinations which are still unknown to them. Parents usually hope that their kids would exercise genuine common sense when it comes to it and that they are going to make proper decisions throughout the entire school day. However, they are also well aware that this is not always the case. (more…)

Know About The Available Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

The truth is that when a loved one dies, this is going to have a tremendous emotional and financial toll on the entire family. This is also something which is going to cause tremendous hardship. The laws in Canada are designated to provide ultimate protection in situations of the kind and that’s something to be considered. Even though it’s highly unlikely that the living spouse would want to deal with this, one of the ways to get past the financial burden is to get everything that’s claimable in terms of damages in a wrongful death case. There are, however, quite a few things which need to be taken into account before that. So, let’s have a look. (more…)

Can I Sue If Long-Term Disability Claimed Is Denied?

In the province of Ontario, as it is in a few other provinces of Canada as well, parties who are injured and want to recover compensation would usually have exactly 2 years from the accident date or the date of the denial to commence a lawsuit. With a few exceptions when it comes to minors and sexual claims, this is the principal rule and it shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. This is the limitation period for the plaintiff and if you miss it, well, you are seriously out of luck. (more…)

Facts About Premise Liability Claims Represented By Injury Lawyers In Ontario

The first thing that you need to take into account is that personal injury law is a particular broad and vast field of the law which encompasses a tremendous amount of different cases. Premise liability, for instance, is one of the legal concepts which come into the picture in personal injury cases in which the injury was caused by certain type of defective or particularly unsafe condition on someone’s property. (more…)

What Is Pain And Suffering Actually Worth In An Insurance Claim?

Now, you’ve probably heard that if you’ve been injured in an accident in Ontario you are capable of filing a claim, suing for pain and suffering. That’s true. However, there are quite a lot of different things which need to be taken into account when it comes to it. These are the so-called general damages and the accident victim has the right to seek them from the at-fault driver or from the insurance company as compensation. In a lawsuit of the kind, these damages are also commonly referred to as non-pecuniary ones as there is no objective economic criterion which is used in order to determine them precisely. In fact, this was exemplified in a case used as a principle ever since 1978 – Andrews v. Grand & Toy. (more…)