Are You Eligible For Submitting An Application For Disability Benefits?

Are you enrolled in a disability income benefits plan? Is your employer enrolled in such a plan? Is your union enrolled in such a plan? Do you belong to a professional organization that welcomes enrollees in such a program (plan)? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then you may be among those that are eligible for submitting an application with the help of personal injury lawyer in Trenton for disability benefits.

Does your plan have a probation period?

Do not think that you can enroll in any of the available plans and apply that same month for the income that has been promised to a disabled enrollee. All enrollees should study the information on the plan’s probation period. That is the span of time that a new enrollee must remain healthy, in order to qualify for any benefit.
If you have just started a job, and you have signed onto your company’s plan, then you must wait 2 to 3 months, before applying for disability benefits. If you apply before completion of the probation period, you will get a denial letter

What caused the disability that has forced you to seek the payments promised to enrollees?

Some plans cover both illnesses and injuries caused by an accident; other plans deny coverage to an enrollee that has been disabled by an illness. Even then, most companies refuse to cover certain disabled men and women that apply for benefits.
For instance, someone that tries unsuccessfully to commit suicide might become disabled. The cause of that disability would prevent the same person from getting an acceptance letter, after applying for some type of regular payment. By the same token, any accidents that resulted in performance of a risky behavior would get listed as a cause that failed to qualify as one that would allow an application, if submitted, to be approved.

Can someone with a pre-existing condition apply for such benefits?

If someone with a pre-existing condition has enrolled in the type of plan that promises payments to disabled enrollees, that same person must remain enrolled in that specific plan for 1 to 2 years, in order to be eligible for applying for disability benefits.
An employer cannot fire an employee that has filed such an application. Still, an employer might present that same employee with challenging assignments, in order to showcase the absence of a certain skill. It would probably be a skill that, in the past, had not been part of the employee’s job responsibilities.

Will someone disabled by a workplace accident be covered?

In some cases, but not in all of them. An employee that has been injured in a workplace accident should apply for workmen’s compensation benefits.