A Closer Look At One Defense To A Car Accident Claim

The legal team charged with supporting the driver that has been charged with causing a car accident often tries to find evidence of contributory or comparative negligence. In other words, that team seeks proof that the plaintiff exhibited some form of careless or neglectful behavior. Frequently, that defense team looks for evidence that reveals the plaintiff’s failure to wear a seatbelt. (more…)

Why Notify People About The Intention To File A Personal Injury Claim

The legal system insists on maintenance of fairness. Consequently, anyone that intends to file a personal injury claim must first notify each person that would be targeted by such a claim. The notices must be sent out before the personal injury claim has been filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Chatham. Even if you plan to sue a government body or a government-controlled service, you must still provide that body or service agency with a notice of your intentions. (more…)