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We are a qualified professional personal injury law services in Ontario and work diligently to ensure that our clients get the justice, they deserve. AB Injury Law has diligently worked to garner millions of dollars of compensation for our clients that were affected adversely by personal injuries. And that is all that we do, because our focus lies in tort cases and personal injury law. We don’t fight cases relate to parking tickets or work on probate cases. However, if you have been injured in an accident for no fault of yours, but due to the recklessness or negligence of someone else, we are the right lawyers to call on.

Professional team of injury lawyers

Our excellent team of lawyers focuses on personal injury and related regulations while having years of experience in the courts of law all over Ontario, while we excel at negotiating out-of-court settlements. We are not intimidated into accepting unjust and unfavorable claim settlements but prefer taking the matter to trial to help get you the maximum compensation that you deserve in the unique circumstances of the case. You can be sure that we will never back down and have represented clients against the insurance companies at all levels of the courtroom trials in Ontario.

Our well-drafted cases are backed with a team of experienced clerks and paralegal that goes the extra mile to ensure all research is done, before we file the claim. The lawyers and administrative staff speak over 20 different languages and can ensure to help the clients walk through all aspects of the claim process. That is because many of them have worked for different insurance companies and understand all aspects of the compensation in tort cases in Ontario.

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You can call us anytime, as we have 24-hours hotline/limit policy and we’ll respond within 1 business day. This ensures that you get the information or assistance that you seek immediately from AB Injury Law. We will channel all available resources and provide the requisite legal assistance so that you recover from the injuries with ease. You will have the professional personal injury lawyers in your corner and we’ll ensure that you get maximum compensation that you deserve in the unique circumstances of the case and justice that you deserve.

With an experienced team of personal injury lawyer in your corner, we’ll focus on negotiating with the insurance company and help you get a better deal than if you try to discuss with them on your own. With years of experience in personal injury law, we have seen it all and understand your situation completely and that is why we can empathize with you and your family. We’ll help you or your loved ones get the justice they seek.

Contact AB Injury Law today for a FREE, no-obligation quote, if you or a loved one has sustained minor or major injuries in an accident that is covered under personal injury law. We will work to protect your rights and can schedule a meeting at the hospital, home or rehabilitation center as you might have limited mobility or are recovering from the injuries. Don’t suffer in silence, we are with you at every step and with caring lawyers in your corner, justice isn’t far away.

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