Why Notify People About The Intention To File A Personal Injury Claim

The legal system insists on maintenance of fairness. Consequently, anyone that intends to file a personal injury claim must first notify each person that would be targeted by such a claim. The notices must be sent out before the personal injury claim has been filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Chatham. Even if you plan to sue a government body or a government-controlled service, you must still provide that body or service agency with a notice of your intentions. (more…)

How To Obtain Long-Term Disability Benefits In Case of Mental Illness

When it comes to illness or injury, a lot of Canadians have the option of obtaining long-term disability benefits via a private plan or their employer if said illness or injury has taken away their ability of performing work related tasks. In instances where benefits are denied for whatever reason, claimants still have the option of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie and taking legal action in order to receive the coverage they are owed. (more…)

How To Deal With A Medical Malpractice Case?

When we hear of medical malpractice, we often think of botched surgeries or wrongly prescribed medication, but in reality, medical malpractice spans much wider than that. Be it a biased diagnosis, a denied treatment, a woefully untrained nurse, or any other abnormal, unacceptable display of behavior in the medical field, all of these and more can be used as a basis to build a medical malpractice case upon, as long as it ended with harm being inflicted upon a patient. (more…)