What Is Impaired Driving And How Does It Lead To A Car Accident?

If your ability to drive a car has diminished, due to the fact that you have recently taken drugs or have consumed alcohol, then, once you sit at the steering wheel, you become an unmistakable example of impaired driving. The effect that drugs or alcohol has had on your behind-the-wheel skills could be noted by other drivers. If one such driver happened to be a police officer, then that same officer might stop you, and ask you to pull over to the side of the road. (more…)

Steps To Take When Filing Long Term Disability Claim

Before you decide to file a long-term disability claim, you should determine the number of benefits to which you are entitled. Admittedly, you may struggle to obtain that same piece of information. That is the reason that you make the hiring of a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie your first step, as you move along the legal path that has been laid down for the filing of long term disability claims. (more…)

How To Fight Tactics Used To Deny An Auto Accident Claim

Early in the claims process, the insurance company seems eager to get things taken care of in a hurry. Often, the victim of an accident will get a call from the insurance adjuster just a few days after the injury-causing collision. The adjuster will try to create the impression that the early call represents a true attempt to help the victim. Actually, it plays a key part in a useful tactic. (more…)