Details On Sidewalk Clearing In Ontario

The legal system has not issued any guidelines, with respect to who should be held accountable for the clearing of the sidewalks during the winter months. Some townships inside of Ontario have chosen to charge homeowners for the clearing services provided by the municipality. That charge gets placed on homeowners that have failed to clear the sidewalk in front of their residence within the 24-hour period that has followed a given snowfall. (more…)

Understanding Liability In Case of A Sidewalk Slip And Fall

Spanning from the years 2009 to 2015, roughly 30,000 ended up in the hospital due to a slip and fall on Toronto sidewalks. These falls were brought on by slippery snow and ice, and in roughly 2,800 cases, resulted in severe enough injuries to require an average of 6 days spent in the hospital. As a result of these accidents, claims are filed against the city by the victims. From reports, we can gather that roughly $6.7 million dollars are spent on such liability insurance claims each year, and for slip and fall cases on roads and sidewalks alone. (more…)

Facts About Premise Liability Claims Represented By Injury Lawyers In Ontario

The first thing that you need to take into account is that personal injury law is a particular broad and vast field of the law which encompasses a tremendous amount of different cases. Premise liability, for instance, is one of the legal concepts which come into the picture in personal injury cases in which the injury was caused by certain type of defective or particularly unsafe condition on someone’s property. (more…)

Is The Municipality Liable In Slip And Fall Accidents?

As opposed to what the majority of people tend to believe, not only premise owners and tenants can be liable under the Occupier’s Liability Act of Ontario. If you’ve slipped and fallen on a frozen sidewalk which is owned by the municipality, it is obligated to compensate you for the damage. While the legal principle is the same, there are quite a few technicalities that should be taken into account. (more…)