Important Ways To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle This Fall

Autumn is just around the corner and for many motorcycle enthusiasts, it is their favorite time for driving their bikes. But each year statistics show that motorcycles can pose a great risk to the rider. Most enthusiasts already understand the responsibilities they undertake each time they get on the road, especially since accidents involving motorcycles are frequently more serious than those involving cars. And yet motorcyclists take the risk each day. (more…)

How Our New Distracted Driving Laws Will Affect Drivers

Come January 1, 2019, Ontario will enact come of the toughest distracted driving laws in all of North America. According to provincial police, distracted driving is now the number one cause of accidents in our province. As Trenton injury lawyers, we see the consequences of accidents involving distracted drivers every single day. Although many may not be aware of it, driving while distracted has been proven worse than impaired driving. (more…)

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge For Their Services?

When you have been injured in an accident, you may be reluctant to hire a Sault Ste. Marie injury lawyer for fear of the cost of legal representation. When you are dealing with Injuries, medical bills, and mounting costs, you may be concerned that representation by a lawyer is just another cost that you cannot bear to deal with. You may be surprised to learn that having legal representation is not as costly as you may think. (more…)

Problems Linked To Utilization of Ontario’s License Appeals Tribunal

For years those Ontario residents that failed to reach a settlement, following a period of negotiations could elect to present their arguments in a courtroom setting. Now, though, any resident that ends up in such a situation lacks the ability to present his or her case before a jury. In other words, each of them has been deprived of the chance to have his or her argument heard in court. (more…)