Answers To Questions About Trucking Accidents

Ques. #1: Why does the driver of a truck have to meet standards that are much higher than the ones established for the average driver?
Answer: A commercial truck represents a potential hazard to other drivers. It is much larger than the vehicles that are driven for pleasure, or for the purpose of commuting to work or school. In addition, trucks are larger than the vehicles families use when performing an errand or when vacationing (unless the family owns an RV). Moreover, some commercial trucks carry hazardous materials.
Ques. #2: What is the definition for a commercial truck?
Answer: It is a large vehicle that is used to move commercial goods, such as freight, liquid fuel, and lumber, building supplies or other vehicles.
Ques. #3: What are some common causes for truck accidents?
Answer: Blind spots increase the chances that a truck driver might be in an accident. The truck’s size works to increase the chance that someone in a car or a small truck might enter the driver’s blind spot. Fatigued drivers also increase the chances for a collision. A driver’s poor driving habits, such as a habit of speeding or following too closely puts other drivers at risk.
Not all causes can be tied to an action performed by the driver. At least one cause would get linked to those in charge of the truck’s maintenance. That would be bad brakes. A driver that puts a foot on a truck’s brake expects that specific part to do a good job of stopping the tires’ forward motion.
Ques. #4: If you were to get hit by a commercial truck, who could you take to court; against whom could you file a lawsuit?
Answer: You could sue the driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle that hit you or of any part on that same vehicle, the freight’s owner (name mentioned on side of truck), the owner of the truck or the driver’s employer.
Quest #5: If you were to get hit by a commercial truck, for which losses should you expect to be compensated?
Answer: You could be compensated for all the time that you had to remain in the hospital or at home, in order to recover from your injuries. You would be entitled to compensation for all of your medical expenses. If you had to seek the assistance of a physical therapist, the amount charged by the therapist should be covered by any compensation package.
You could also ask to be compensated for your pain and suffering. You would need to note the extent to which your pain kept you from carrying out the sort of tasks that a healthy person has no trouble doing each day. That would serve as a measure of your suffering. Naturally, the amount of your compensation would depend on the degree to which the other driver could be named solely responsible for the accidental collision. You might want to involve a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie to assist you with the claim.