A Major Driving Infraction: Driving Without A License

There is a simple reason that only a licensed driver has a right to sit at the steering wheel of a motored vehicle, while it goes rolling down the road. Any state or province grants licenses to those that have passed a written test and a driving test. Those tests are meant to test the knowledge and skill you have to become a license-holder.
The men and women that take part in the testing process must be paid. In other words, money gets spent in an effort to keep bad drivers off of the road. When you have chosen to drive without a license has demonstrated a disregard for the money and effort extended by those that take part in the license-granting process.

Punishment for the obvious offense

If you feel daring enough to drive without a license will get ticketed. As a result, he or she will have to pay an unassailable fine. In other words, the judge cannot lower that fine nor have it removed.
Moreover, the ticketed driver could get hit with more than one fine. He or she could get fined for loss of a license. Even worse, the person that had been sitting at the steering wheel could have his or her vehicle impounded.

The possible imposition of other tickets

No sensible insurance company would issue a policy to someone that did not hold a driver’s license. Hence, someone that gets caught in the driver’s seat while remaining unlicensed also lacks car insurance. That fact highlights the reason that the people that has chosen to become a license-lacking driver might get one of these other tickets:
– You could get ticketed for operating a vehicle without insurance.
– You could be given a ticket, due to the fact that he or she had allowed a vehicle to be operated without insurance.
– You invite the chance of getting a ticket for using a false insurance card.
-The fourth possible reason for placing a second or third ticket on such a driver would stem from the insurance card’s absence. Drivers are expected to provide an officer of the law with an insurance card.
Some consumers try to get away with buying a fake policy. Unfortunately, there are companies that sell such policies. You should never consider buying one of those illegitimate documents. If you have purchased such a document could get stamped with a label, that of “bad-risk driver.”
What does the future hold for such bad risk drivers? The best-case scenario would be one which forced an increase in the rate for the driver’s insurance policy. The worst-case scenario would result in a total abolishment of the existing agreement with the policy-granting company, along with an absolute refusal by the same insurer to do business with the risky, though willing customer.