How Do Lawyers Determine The Value of A Personal Injury Claim?

Being injured in an accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating, both to the victim and to the entire family. That is why accident victims should know that they have legal rights to financial compensation after an injury are and how much their claim may be worth in a settlement or tort proceeding.

Factors in Evaluating a Claim

When a Sault Ste. Marie injury lawyer evaluates your claim, there are many factors that go into the determination of how much it may be worth. Your lawyer will want to ensure that all your current costs and future costs associated with the accident are being considered from a very detailed perspective.


One of the first considerations will be the liability for the accident and determining fault. Depending on the incident, there may be one party at fault or multiple parties. Your lawyer will use the information from the accident report and often accident recreation professionals to help determine who was at fault for the accident and represent you if you were unfairly determined at fault.

Injury Severity

Your lawyer will look at the severity of your injuries and how they affect your life, both now and in the future. In many cases, injuries have a long-lasting impact on victims in ways that may not immediately be evident.

Medical Benefits

Medical costs are one immediate issue when looking at the value of your claim. Medical benefits are available through your own insurance but often they are not enough to cover the full costs involved. That is when it is important to have a legal professional on your side.

Ability to Work

You may have already missed a great deal of time from work. In many cases, injury victims are not able to work at the same job because of those injuries. Your lawyer will evaluate what financial impact your injuries may have on your future ability to work and your future earning capacity. Not only do injuries have an impact on earning capability but also on your ability to perform regular duties around your home that you will now need to hire someone else to do.

Property Damage

The cost to repair damaged property may also be recovered. This is typically covered by insurance but many times the insurance company either does not offer reasonable reimbursement or outright denies the claim. Again, having a lawyer on your side is so important if you find yourself in this scenario.

Call an Experienced Professional

Placing value on a personal injury claim can be difficult with so many factors to consider. You want to trust that you are being compensated fairly for your injuries.

When you have the experience of at Sault Ste. Marie personal injury lawyer, you can rest assured that your legal rights are being ensured while you are busy recuperating. If you have been injured in an accident, call the professionals at AB Injury Law to understand how having legal representation is so important after an accident.