Roles Played By Different Types of Insurance Adjusters

After you have been involved in a car accident, you need to contact the company that sold you a car insurance policy. That same company will have an intake operator accepting all calls from policy holders with a damaged vehicle, injured body parts or both. The intake operator will write down all the pertinent details, regarding the accident that you have reported.
The same operator assigns your claim to an adjuster. That particular adjuster has been made responsible for carrying out 3 functions: corresponding with appropriate policy holders, sending out checks and paying service providers. Yet the insurance needs to handle numerous other tasks as well. That fact calls attention to the roles played by the company’s other adjusters.

The role played by the accident benefits adjuster (in-house)

This adjuster gets the assigned file. After receiving that file, he or she creates loads of correspondence. While carrying out such correspondence, the same adjuster’s role gets expanded, so that it includes the task of seeking a source of benefits. In addition, he or she arranges for the time and place of an IME (independent medical examination).
Sometimes the adjuster’s role gets expanded a bit further. Sometimes it includes the act of arranging for surveillance of the plaintiff. The insurer puts a limit on adjusters’ roles by hiring lots of different adjusters.

The tasks performed by the out-house version of the accident benefit adjuster

This person must concentrate on the task of obtaining a statement from the victim. It can be a written or oral statement. Adjusters that manage to obtain such a document give it to the in house accident benefit adjuster.

Responsibilities assumed by the property damage adjuster

Following an automobile accident, this person assesses the value of the damaged vehicles. After having made that assessment, he or she determines the towing costs and storage costs for the same vehicles. Once that determination has been made, the businesses that arranged for the towing or the storage get sent a check, one that covers the cost of their services.

Adjusters working for insurance company of the at-fault driver

These deal with matters that have to do with tort rulings. Each such tort adjuster must get details on the extent of the victim’s pain and suffering. After collecting such detailed information, the same adjuster proceeds to the next task.
That task concerns a closer examination of certain details, namely those that relate to liability issues. At the same time, the personal injury lawyer in Chatham completes a close examination of the factors that caused the accident. In addition, he or she takes a look at all of the accident-related damages. Ideally, each such damage supports the claim that the accident caused the victim’s injuries.