Important Ways To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle This Fall

Autumn is just around the corner and for many motorcycle enthusiasts, it is their favorite time for driving their bikes. But each year statistics show that motorcycles can pose a great risk to the rider. Most enthusiasts already understand the responsibilities they undertake each time they get on the road, especially since accidents involving motorcycles are frequently more serious than those involving cars. And yet motorcyclists take the risk each day.


Motorcyclists owe it to themselves to take the risk of injury seriously. Besides getting the appropriate licensing, anyone who is considering driving a motorcycle should get the proper training and know their motorcycle. This demands hours of practice in a safe place so you can ensure that your safety maneuvers will come as second nature.

Safety Gear

Purchase gear that ensures that you are as safe as possible on your bike. Although it can be tempting in hot weather to downplay heavy gear, it is important to your safety to make sure you have as many protective layers as possible between you and the road in a crash. Helmets are mandatory. Never scrimp on getting the best possible helmet. This is your head you are protecting.


Insurance is so important so never let the cost deter you from getting the best policy. The type of motorcycle you own will affect the cost of your insurance, so always consider this. A rule of thumb is the less the engine power, the less the premium. Make sure you understand mileage caps if your policy has them. If you only ride in the summer, you may want to insure your bike for summer only but understand that a yearly policy can cost less. And the most important aspect when it comes to insurance is your safety records.

Drinking and Driving

It should go without saying but drinking and driving don’t mix, especially on a motorcycle. A motorcycle already demands more balance and awareness than driving a car. Never get on your motorcycle after you’ve been drinking. Find an alternative way home.


This also goes for inclement weather. Be prepared by paying attention to the local weather forecast and make alternate plans accordingly. Be sure to take extra precautions during the spring when we are still dealing with winter-type conditions.

Obeying Traffic Rules

Last but not least, obeying traffic rules is a number one priority. Many people feel antagonistic toward motorcyclists because they have witnessed the biker who abruptly changes lanes and drives excessively over the speed limit. Don’t be that person.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you are aware of the freeing sense of the open road, particularly when our weather is crisp and beautiful. But you also know the risks involved when riding a motorcycle. Make sure you are staying safe at all times on the road. If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure you have the skill of a professional personal injury lawyer in Trenton who understands motorcycle law, Call the legal experts at AB Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation.