Questions That Clients Frequently Ask Lawyers

Prior to meeting with a potential client, a lawyer has worked with a long list of other clients. Often, that particular attorney find that the same questions get asked over and over. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions.

How much money can I expect to get for my claim?

A lawyer cannot be a fortune teller. A number of key variables help to determine the amount of money that might be awarded to any one that has filed a personal injury claim. Here are some of the most influential variables:
• The rate at which the victim’s symptoms have appeared.
• The rate at which the same victim has recovered.
• The effect of the injury on the victim’s lifestyle and future.
• A lawyer can work to improve a case’s profile.

How long should I expect to wait for my compensation?

The typical victim with a personal injury claim must wait between 1 and 3 years for the anticipated compensation package. However, it is best to talk with your injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie to know more about your specific case.

What are the timelines that should concern someone with a personal injury claim?

Those are deadlines, the date when certain materials must be made available to the court. Not every state has the same set of deadlines.

How do postings on social media networks play a role in a personal injury case?

Every insurance company hires a group of researchers. Those researchers devote some of their time to studying the pictures that anyone with a claim has posted on one or more social media networks. Each researcher looks for evidence that a picture contradicts one of the stated claims.
So, what can you do, if you want to test the extent to which you have recovered from your injury? How can you keep from getting accused of lying, if you want to try doing a certain task, one that you have not been able to perform, since getting injured?
Let your doctor know about any changes in your condition. Then, if an insurance company questions a picture or video that shows you trying that one particular movement or action, you can have the support of your physician.

Could I be placed under surveillance after filing a personal injury claim?

Yes, an insurance company could hire investigators to capture your actions by using a video camera. An insurer normally orders surveillance at the start of a case, when both sides are getting ready for discovery and during preparations for a trial.

Do I have the right to go to a treatment provider of my choosing?

Yes, even if the insurance company suggests a provider, you have the right to schedule appointments with the provider that you feel most comfortable working with. Just be sure to follow the provider’s treatment plan.