Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case For Compensation

You never know when an accident will happen. Something as simple as switching the radio channels will take your eyes away from the road for just a second, only to look up in time to hit someone from behind. This scenario is a common occurrence when driving. Even the simplest of accidents can cause a lot of damage. If you have been hit by someone, you may need to hire an injury lawyer. You need follow these rules below to make sure that you don’t cost yourself any compensation. (more…)

Negotiation Tips On Handling The Insurance Company

Submitting a letter to the insurance company is something that you’d have to do when you are involved in a car accident, want to file a personal injury claim or you want to receive compensation for any other type of incident that caused you injuries. If you’ve already presented the insurance company with a letter of demand, your entire claim might be centered on a few different calls held with an insurance adjuster. (more…)

Defining And Adjusting Fault Determination In A Car Accident

There are quite a lot of things which need to be thoroughly accounted for when it comes to assigning fault in a car accident. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that the province of Ontario is governed by the Insurance Act. Characteristically for Canada, different provinces enact slightly different regulations for certain instances and that’s something that you need to account for. (more…)