Actions To Be Taken When Motorist Gets Hit By Motor Vehicle

One action should always be taken by a pedestrian that has been hit by a motor vehicle. A second action becomes a necessity if the driver of the responsible vehicle chose to leave the scene, after hitting the innocent pedestrian.

Although the driver must prove that he or she should not be held responsible for the unfortunate accident, the driver’s proof could point a finger back at the pedestrian. In light of that fact, smart pedestrians hire a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie.

Tasks handled by an injury lawyer

Conduct thorough study of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Fight for the compensation that an injured walker deserves. That would include money to cover medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, including future therapy, and any needed money for home care. Deal with special problems as they arise. For instance, the driver might allege that the pedestrian was jay walking or was engaged in a distracting activity, when hit by the motor vehicle.

The driver might also mention the clothing worn by the person that got hit. In the past, one driver hit a walker and disappeared. That same walker has proposed that all pedestrians wear a bright, fluorescent vest, at any time of the day or night. Her campaign has provided drivers with yet another charge to make against someone that has walked into the path of an approaching motor vehicle.

Another special problem could relate to determination of the responsible driver’s identity. A resolution of that problem could depend on the pedestrian’s readiness to undertake a second action.

A second action that is required of some pedestrians

If someone that is walking across the street gets hit by an automobile, and then that same car drives away, the hit walker must undertake an effort to help the police. That effort should involve trying to track down the responsible vehicle, and the person that was driving that same set-of-wheels.

Anyone engaged in such an effort needs to be a bit assertive. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to knock on the front door of a home, when a given color and model of car sits in the driveway. Of course, if the license number of the responsible auto is known, it becomes a bit easier to locate the responsible driver.

Indeed, a police officer might spy that number on a license plate. Still, officers have multiple duties, and cannot always follow that spotted car, truck, van or SUV. That fact highlights the extent to which any injured walker should go, when seeking to learn the identity of the person that caused his or her injury. Moreover, discovery of that person’s identity is not enough. That person’s name should be taken to a nearby police station.