Actions Suggested For Anyone Affected By A Drunk Driver

The typical drunk driver does not care how his actions might affect others. His mind does not function well, because it is under the influence of alcohol. Such a driver might fail to stop for a red light, and might plow into any other cars that have stopped at that particular intersection.
Any of the passengers in the vehicle that gets hit by the drunk driver could be forced to deal with life-changing injuries. That is why all those affected by such an accident deserve access to a lawyer’s guidance. A personal injury lawyer in Trenton can help any victims to seek fair compensation for all the damages caused by the inebriated driver’s actions.

Anticipated damages

• Lost income
• Medical and rehabilitation costs
• Attendant care
• Expenses incurred by family members

Details on the anticipated damages

Rehabilitation costs would cover more than payments to anyone that is providing some type of physiotherapy. It could include the cost of a scheduled massage, the amount paid for pain treatment, compensation for the cost of medical equipment and the amount billed for providing psychiatric treatments.
If any piece of medical equipment got lost during the time of a scheduled doctor visit, it would cost money to have it replaced. By hiring an injury lawyer, the accident victim would have someone that could fight for fair compensation.
Further damages might be added, if any passengers were children or teenagers. If any of them suffered a catastrophic injury, the injured child or teen could face a future in which it would be extremely difficult to earn a living. Future loss of earning potential is a damage recognized by the legal system.

The victim’s road to recovery

For any one victim, that road might be long and difficult. For a victim with a pre-existing condition or with other health problems, the injuries caused by the accident could aggravate the existing condition. That would be true in the case of any children or teens, just as it would be true for any adult.
A lawyer could help parents to watch for evidence of any tell-tale symptoms in a young passenger. For instance, that young person might have suffered a concussion. Maybe that same child or teen was still recovering from an ear ache at the time of the accident. If that were the case, the same young passenger might be forced to live with a pre-existing condition.
An infection in the ear could give rise to a serious problem, as a result of the impact, during the collision. Then that infection might affect the tissues in the brain. The affected youngster might need to undergo a Black Bone MRI. That would indicate if the same young patient had suffered a traumatic brain injury.