Why Notify People About The Intention To File A Personal Injury Claim

The legal system insists on maintenance of fairness. Consequently, anyone that intends to file a personal injury claim must first notify each person that would be targeted by such a claim. The notices must be sent out before the personal injury claim has been filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Chatham. Even if you plan to sue a government body or a government-controlled service, you must still provide that body or service agency with a notice of your intentions.

The nature and benefits of the notification process:

A prompt and speedy sending-out of notices increases the chances that the claimant will witness a fast and fair resolution of the problem that caused the initial injury. Your notice becomes a type of evidence. It serves as evidence that you were injured by a certain individual. You would be unable to win your claim, if you did not have such evidence.

Required elements of notification

It should include an explanation of why the recipient has been named in a personal injury lawsuit. Why has he or she been deemed at fault for a given injury?

Your letter should not contain words that seek to besmirch the person that caused the accident. If that same person did exhibit a decidedly objectionable form of conduct, the court will ask him or her to pay punitive damages. That is the decision of the judge and jury. You do not have the right to judge anyone so harshly.

Tips for sending the notice

When you send a notice to those that would be the target of a possible personal injury claim, you do not forego your right to change your plans. You can, if you wish, decide not to move forward with the considered personal injury claim. The speed with which you send out the notifications does not have to be copied by those that will be processing your claim or leading the negotiations. You can still insist that your claim get processed in a thorough and complete fashion.

By the same token, you should not hesitate to resist any pressure to end the negotiations before you have become fully aware of all the symptoms of your injury. If you end the negotiations too early, you will lack any basis for seeking money for all of your damages.

Because you have been fair to the other parties, you have a right to insist on an equal level of fairness to you. Understand, too, that if you notify a government body or a manufacturer, then you will be helping to prevent creation of a problem for other people. In other words, by being fair to yourself, you will be fair to those that could otherwise get injured in the way that you did.