Why Optional Benefits Are Becoming Far Less Optional

Since June 1st of 2016, car insurance benefits have been significantly reduced. A fact which over half of all the insured weren’t aware of at the time due to lacking awareness raising of their insurance company. As a result of these reductions, many Ontario motorists are lacking coverage which can only be made up for by purchasing optional benefits.

Quick Rundown of The 2016 Changes

Prior to June 1st of 2016, a non-catastrophic injury would have gotten you up to $50,000 under your policy as a way of compensating you for rehabilitation and general medical expenses. This is in addition to a potential $36,000 for attendant care expenses. Both of these amounts have been reduced to a combined $65,000, which has left many victims to opt for either one or the other since there isn’t enough coverage to allow for both.

Victims of catastrophic injuries used to have the support of $1 million in coverage for rehabilitation and medical expenses, and another $1 million for attendant care. However, following the changes implemented back on June 1st of 2016, this amount has been cut down to $1 million combined, leaving the catastrophically injured with only half of the coverage they would usually require to finance their treatments and recovery.

How To Return To Your Previous State of Coverage

Since nobody should be left with insufficient coverage after a traumatic accident, insurance companies offer optional benefits to all their clients. In order to make the right decision fitting to your situation and needs, it is best to consult either your insurer, a broker, or anyone else you can think of who has extensive knowledge on the matter.

Do your research on what is covered under your current policy and what you wish to have covered in addition. This way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised in the event of an accident and left with stacks of bills you cannot afford to pay out of pocket. That is when you need to contact the personal injury lawyer in Trenton so that they can help you get the damages.

Optional Benefits

Since standard coverage is no longer enough, it is wise to look into optional benefits before the next renewal of your policy. There are quite a few optional benefits which are rather inexpensive compared to how much additional coverage they provide should you get injured during an accident. In fact, if you play your cards right, you can pay as little as an additional $100 a year to obtain maximum benefits in the event of an accident.