What To Do If You Have Been Denied Accident Benefits

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario and you have insurance, there are certain accident benefits that are due to you as a matter of law. These statutory accident benefits cover a range of damages and possibilities and are available to injury victims regardless of fault. They are:

● Income replacement benefits
● Non-earner benefits
● Medical and rehabilitation benefits
● Attendant care benefits
● Expenses of immediate family members
● Reimbursement for personal effects
● Funeral and death benefits.

Optional benefits exist in the way of:

● Housekeeping and home maintenance benefits
● Caregiver benefits

Denials Happen Far Too Frequently

But what happens if you file a claim for benefits with your insurer and you are denied? This happens far too frequently and one of many reasons people will hire a Saute Ste. Marie personal injury lawyer.

The Reason Your Application May Be Denied

If your benefits have been denied, you may feel angry and frustrated. Your insurance and those statutory benefits are intended as a safety net for injured motorists but we are experiencing more instances where insurance companies have made it difficult and sometimes impossible for injury victims to get the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, many victims never receive fair compensation under our no-fault laws.

Your application for benefits can be denied for many reasons. These include:

● Incomplete forms
● Incorrect use of forms
● Insufficient evidence
● Failure to meet deadlines

Your Right to Dispute

If your benefits were denied, you have a right to dispute this. You will want to completely understand why you have been denied. You may be entitled to benefits but just lack the necessary forms. You will need to gather all your evidence and documentation in order to support your claim and submit it again. You will also want to make sure that all medical bills are there as documentation.

Resubmission of Your Application

You are entitled to re-submit your application on the basis of “non-compliance”. Within 10 days of the notification of non-compliance, you must provide an explanation. Your insurer is then required to reconsider your resubmission.

Having a Lawyer on Your Side

In many cases, injury victims retain the advice of a Sault Ste. Marie injury lawyer when they have been denied benefits There are time limits to adhere to and you will want to be assured of having all proper documentation this time around. Having the assistance of an injury lawyer takes much of the stress off you.

Your lawyer will know exactly which forms are required and understand the timelines involved. An experienced lawyer will also know exactly what the insurance company is looking for in the way of evidence and supporting documentation. This can offer great peace of mind for an injury victim.

If you have been denied statutory accident benefits by your insurance company, call the injury lawyers at AB Personal Injury Lawyer. We can help you with your dispute and file your resubmission. We will make sure you get the fair compensation you deserve.