Understanding Intersections To Prevent Future Accidents

Intersections are a known breeding ground for accidents, especially in areas with increased traffic, such as cities. However, most of the personal injury lawyer in Chatham is of the view that most of these accidents could have been easily avoided, had all drivers obeyed the rules and paid attention to the street signs.

The Four Major Driving Errors at Intersections

It will most likely come as no surprise, but the main perpetrators behind such collisions are all the result of a lack of education and a disregard for the rules. While the design of an intersection in itself can be quite confusing, simple steps such as paying attention and moving thoughtfully with caution can already be enough to significantly decrease the risk of collision. The four major points you should watch out for are the following:
1. A Messy Left Turn oftentimes across the intersection and right in front of traffic trying to head straight across
2. Disregard For Signage is also a common perpetrator for accidents since other drivers rarely slow down because they expect others to obey the stop signs and red lights
3. Disregard For The Speed Limit is of course among the top four since reckless drivers are known to wreak havoc everywhere they go
4. Tailgating is also a big troublemaker since drivers, especially inexperienced ones, may roll back before they accelerate which can easily lead to a collision that leaves bumps and scratches in both involved vehicles

Receiving Compensation after an Intersection Accident

As is commonly known, the person, or persons, held liable for an accident will receive far less compensation than other involved drivers. This is because of contributory negligence, or more simply put, because the person’s unreasonable, reckless, or careless behavior led, or contributed, to the accident. In relation to intersections, this means that, if you did not follow all the rules governing the intersection, you put yourself at risk of being unable to claim all the compensation you would have otherwise been owed.

How to Avoid Intersection Accidents

The best way of avoiding such accidents is by taking preventative measures. In this case, this means refreshing your knowledge of the rules governing each type of intersection. Whether it be a railway crossing, a four-way stop, or a roundabout – each of these intersections comes with its own set rules which every driver, and pedestrian, should be aware of. There are many resources available, both on- and offline, that offer a guide to all intersections for free.