Times When It Pays To Seek Legal Help With Personal Injury Claim

Some adults shy away from using a lawyer, during the post-accident negotiations with an insurer. Yet an insurer finds it easier to make outrageous demands, if a claimant does not have any type of legal counsel. A lawyer can pose a threat to the insurance company. That is one reason why an accident victim should seek legal help with a personal injury claim.

Other ways that such a victim could benefit from having a lawyer

In some cases, identification of the person that should legally be found at fault demands an analysis of complex rules. A lawyer’s training prepares him or her for the time when it becomes necessary to study such complex rules. In the absence of legal counsel, a claimant might not understand all the rules and might be unable to win the case.
The severity of the injuries can lengthen considerably the amount of time needed for the injured victim to recover. Then the recovering patient misses a great deal of the time when he or she could be earning a living. A lawyer can help with getting a fair compensation.
Sometimes the victim never recovers. Some victims have to live with a long-term disability. In such cases, a lawyer can go after a client’s loss of future earnings. Lawyers understand how to make a case for the loss of future earnings.
An insurance company might deny benefits to a claimant. In that case, a lawyer’s help proves most valuable. The personal injury lawyer in Chatham can work to discover why the insurance company made that decision. Guided by that knowledge, the same attorney can more easily get the insurer to reverse his or her ruling.
Maybe the victim has a pre-existing condition. In that case, the insurance company might try to suggest that the victim’s injuries were partly due to that pre-existing condition. A lawyer would need to consult with experts, in order to refute the insurer’s claims.
Lawyers also have reason to consult with an expert if a product sold to a client contains dangerous or toxic substances. In that case, an expert with a degree in chemistry would probably be needed. In the absence of such an expert, it would be difficult to refute the claims made by the product’s manufacturer.
A client needs legal guidance if he or she tends to settle too early with an insurance company. Some person that was in the plaintiff’s car at the time of an accident might have slow-to show injuries. In that case, the full extent of the damages would not be known at the time of settlement. This possibility ought to be considered by any parent that had children in the car at the time of an accident.