Steps To Take After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Do you know what steps to take after getting involved in a motor vehicle accident in Alberta or Ontario Province? Surprisingly, many individuals may know what to do, but what you might not realize is that there are serious consequences for not reporting certain accidents. The following will explain what you need to do as well as what the repercussions are for not reporting an accident.

When should You notify the Police?

Every province throughout Canada has specific rules and guidelines for reporting motor vehicle accidents. Furthermore, each province has established dollar amounts for damage estimates that can be used to determine when an accident must be reported. The dollar limit in Alberta and Ontario is $2,000. If the estimated amount of damage is $2,000 or more, you must report the accident to the police or your local area collision reporting center. If it is less than that amount, you don’t need to file a report.

Notifying the police after an accident is not a matter of choice – it is required by law. You can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident if you fail to report it to the police. As a result, you could be facing huge fines, increased auto insurance premiums, and even jail time. Be sure you take the time to do a damage estimate so that you are following Provincial Law. Even if the collision occurs on private property, you are still required by law to report it if the damage estimate criteria is met.

When should You notify Your Insurer?

No matter how minor or severe the damage is to your vehicle, you’re required to notify your insurance company when you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Since the other driver’s insurance company will most likely contact yours, the failure to report your accident to your insurer could have negative consequences. Even if you pay for the damages out of your own pocket, your insurance premiums will still increase.

What types of Accidents must be reported?

Regardless of the amount of property damage that has occurred, you must report an accident to your insurance company and the police if it involves:

• a bicyclist
• a criminal act
• a fatality
• a government vehicle
• a pedestrian
• a vehicle hauling hazardous materials
• an uninsured driver
• minor or severe injuries
• property damage

You should also contact a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie no matter how serious your injuries are and the extent of any property damage that has occurred. The amount that you stand to be awarded will be evaluated by the lawyer after judging the merits of the claim.