What Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident, you may have decided to consult with a Trenton personal injury lawyer. But if you are like most people, this can be intimidating. How can you tell if the lawyer you are meeting with is the right one for you?

In most cases, the lawyer you are meeting with has offered an initial no-cost consultation. This enables the lawyer to determine whether there is a legitimate claim and whether it is worth his or her time. But this is the injured party’s opportunity to ask questions and also determine if this lawyer is the right one to represent them.

Interviewing a lawyer can be daunting but it is in your best interest to have the right lawyer. Here are some important questions to ask a Trenton injury lawyer at an initial interview.

Does the Lawyer Only Handle Personal Injury Claims?

This is important. Just as you would not want a gastroenterologist to perform heart surgery, you want to make sure that your lawyer specializes in personal injury claims. Some lawyers dabble in multiple types of law but you want a lawyer with experience and a focus in personal injury law. A dedicated personal injury lawyer will know the laws inside and out and know the other lawyers and judges in the field as well as insurance company practices.

Is the Lawyer an Experienced Trial Lawyer?

There is a difference between a lawyer who is only adept at negotiating settlements and one who has trial experience. It can make a difference in you getting truly fair compensation by taking a claim to court or getting a mediocre settlement. While it is true that most personal injury claims end up in a settlement, if it is impossible to get a fair settlement through negotiation, you want an experienced trial lawyer who will take it to court and fight for your rights.

How Long Has the Lawyer Been Practicing?

As in everything else, experience counts. Don’t shortchange yourself with a lawyer who has very little experience in personal injury. Ask who will actually be handling the case. Will it be the lawyer you are speaking to or will he or she hand it off to another member of the firm?

What is the Lawyer’s Track Record of Success?

The insurance companies know the lawyers in your area and know who will diligently pursue a claim in court. In many cases, they will evaluate the risk and the settlement accordingly. Make sure your lawyer has a strong record of success.

How Will the Lawyer Be Paid?

While most personal injury lawyers get paid on contingency, ie. “no win, no fee”, that can mean a variety of things. How will out of pocket expenses, consultants, or professional witnesses, or investigators be paid if the case is lost? In some cases, the lawyer will ask for expenses to be paid as they are accrued. In some cases, the lawyer will pay and ask to be reimbursed. This is something you will want to know before you hire the lawyer.

If you have been injured in an accident, call the Trenton personal injury lawyers at AB Personal Injury Lawyer. With over five decades of combined personal injury experience, our lawyers represent accident victims throughout Ontario.