How To Prepare For Your First Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Most reputable personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. This may be the only time you will find face to face time with a lawyer for no cost so it is important to get as much as you can out of this meeting.

You should know that the lawyer has probably already done a search on you before wasting his or her valuable time. This can offer the lawyer some background information, especially if your incident has been covered by the news. With social media, it is often very easy to get some information not only on the potential client, but on the incident itself. It is your job, as the potential client, to come to your meeting well prepared.

Be punctual. You are setting an example of who you are. If you are dependable, you are a good partner in your own defense. If you don’t care enough to be on time for something that ultimately can benefit you, then why would anyone want to assist you?

Bring any and all documents, medical information, accident reports, photos, letters, witness information, etc. The more information you have, the more able the lawyer can give honest weight to your case and give you an idea of whether you indeed even have a case. Without adequate information, you are wasting everyone’s time, especially your own.

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer is most probably a new experience. Write your questions down. If the lawyer can answer well prepared questions simply and concisely, you are both better off. If the lawyer cannot answer your questions, then perhaps this is not a good fit. It’s better to know this at the outset. Be willing to interview the lawyer as well. What is his or her level of experience? Does he or she only practice personal injury law? Can you get recommendations from former clients? These things matter and you owe it to yourself to get the best possible representation available.

Make sure you are meeting with a lawyer and not just an employee of the firm whose sole purpose is to get you to hire that firm. Some firms employ agents to give potential new clients information in order to get you to retain them. This is not in your best interest. If you want solid legal advice about the feasibility of your case, meet with a lawyer and not just an agent of the firm.

The lawyers at AB Personal Injury Lawyer will take your case seriously and offer you the best advice available. We will be honest about the practicality and feasibility of your case and what compensation you may be due. We take our client’s cases seriously, so we will not waste your time or ours. We represent victim’s rights in Sault Ste. Marie, Trenton, Chatham and all surrounding communities. Call us for a free initial consultation about your claim.