Do Lawyers Get Complete Picture of Distracted Driving Incidents?

The introduction of cell phones has triggered changes in the public thinking, with respect to distracted driving. Large numbers of drivers feel that once any one driver can keep his or her eyes on the road, that same driver has been freed from the dangers associated with distracted driving. Because drivers can now by a device that guarantees hands-free driving, even while using a cell phone, many of the same drivers feel that a driver with 2 free hands cannot suffer the consequences of distracted driving. (more…)

Learn More About Tort Claims

If an accident in the recent past left you with serious injuries, you may have heard the term “tort claim” be thrown around a lot in regards to your situation. Thus, what is this tort claim? Well, in short, if someone has accidentally inflicted an injury upon another, and the injured then sets out to seek compensation for it, we call it a tort claim. (more…)

Guide To Personal Injury Lawsuits In Ontario

Following an accident which left you injured in the province of Ontario, you will find yourself in a position in which it is necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to receive compensation from the at fault party. The process toward achieving this goal can be complicated and frustrating, so in order to help you grasp a better understanding of the steps leading up to your goal, we have put together this guide. (more…)