Ontario’s New Driving Rules Are Directed At Those In Driving Seat

Today, roughly 2/3 of the vehicles on the road contain some example of technology, one that can assist the driver with steering, braking or acceleration. Meanwhile, car makers appear to be on a path the leads in to the point where fully-automated cars come off of a plant’s assembly line. Meanwhile, drivers remain responsible for the actions that contribute to creation of an accident. Ontario’s new driving rules are meant to encourage avoidance of dangerous, on-road situations. (more…)

How To Get Compensated For Injuries And Losses After A Motor Vehicle Accident

According to the rules in Ontario’s no-fault system, anyone that has been involved in a motor vehicle accident qualifies for Accident Benefits. Those funds, also known as Section B benefits can be used by an accident victim to cover the costs of medical care, child care, attendant care and other expenses. By the same token, the Section B benefits serve as means for acquiring a form of income replacement. (more…)

Details On Sidewalk Clearing In Ontario

The legal system has not issued any guidelines, with respect to who should be held accountable for the clearing of the sidewalks during the winter months. Some townships inside of Ontario have chosen to charge homeowners for the clearing services provided by the municipality. That charge gets placed on homeowners that have failed to clear the sidewalk in front of their residence within the 24-hour period that has followed a given snowfall. (more…)