Situation Surrounding Truck Safety And Wide Turns

It is well known that handling semi-trailers and 18-wheelers is difficult and thus require special training. Due to the additional length and weight, these types of vehicles need a much wider turning radius which leads to especially large blind spots. Because of this, wide turns significantly heighten the likelihood of collisions which in turn leads to an increased risk of personal injury. Most cities in Ontario are even more demanding of truck drivers due to the lack of space along turns and the increase in traffic density. (more…)

How Frequently Should You Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Following an injury sustained in an accident, most people turn to a personal injury lawyer for support and guidance throughout the claims and settlement process. However, following the initial meeting, a lot of them wonder how frequently they should check in with their personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie. Below, we have put together a guide which addresses this question, as well as what points should be discusses during these check ins. (more…)

Notes More Reliable Than Memory After Accident

The victim that submits a personal injury claim can expect a larger compensation, if that same claim reflects the full cost of the victim’s injuries. That statement refers to the mental and emotional costs, as well as those that reflect the accident’s physical consequences. At the same time, such a statement underscores the wisdom behind taking notes on every aspect of the accident claim process. (more…)