Legal Recourse For Dog Bite Victims Under Dog Owner’s Liability Act

Dogs are a part of many families around the world. There are certain breeds that have a bad reputation for being vicious dogs, but there are many factors that go into that type of behavior. Unfortunately, dog bites happen all the time and in fact, around five million people are bit each year from dogs and over half of that five million are children.

Dog Owner’s Liability Act

Dog attacks are so common that there are laws that are in force to protect the innocent, if they were to be attacked. There are many different factors that will be considered before someone can be covered under the Dog Owners Liability Act. Factors include:
• Dogs history
• Dog is provoked
• Where the dog was when the bite occurred
• We’re there any special circumstances that led to the attack
There are numerous reasons why a dog will bite the owner and most of the time and when a case goes to court, all sides of the case is viewed and carefully considered.

Dog bite compensation and liability

It’s somewhat simple; a dog owner has a certain responsibility to restrict the dog from attacking and biting another person. If the dog does attack an individual because that person came into their home to rob the home, the dog owner will not be held liable for any damages the individual received from the dog. In some cases, the dog will need to be put down if it becomes a threat to people or if the dog has attacked more than one person. If the dog is not put down, there are certain restrictions on the dog that the dog owner will have to abide by.

Pit-bull dog bites

Pit bulls have been in the news a lot as more and more people are finding themselves to be victims of an attack. While some argue that this breed needs to be raised properly and without hostility and they won’t bite or pose a threat, others will argue that they do because it is their nature.
If you have received an injury due to a bite from a dog, you need to call an injury lawyer in Chatham who specializes in dog biting cases. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will be able to represent you in court and handle your case with confidence. There are plenty of legal firms that specialize in handling dog bites and animal attack cases. From helping you file for compensation to representing your interests at the trial, if negotiations do not work, they will support you throughout. You need to look at the ways you can help your lawyer draft a strong case.