Information To Share At First Meeting With Personal Injury Lawyer

Someone that has filed a personal injury claim gains a surer sense for winning that lawsuit by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie. At the first lawyer-client meeting, the client needs to share specific facts with the hired lawyer.

Basic facts that must be provided by client

• Proof of identity, as found in a photo ID
• Driver’s license and other contact information, such as a phone number
• Name of insurance company
• Names of spouse and children; date of birth for spouse and children
• Client’s employment history

Factual details that lawyers deserve to know

Client’s health history; health issues affecting any member of family, especially one that might heighten the dangerous nature of the recent accident, if a child was involved in the that particular incident.

• Date, time and location of that same incident.
• What other party was involved?
• Names and contact information for any witnesses
• Assessment by police, regarding who appears liable
• The name of the agent at the client’s car insurance company; the person to whom the accident was reported.

Details on who else has been told about the accident

An injury lawyer in Trenton can assist a client better after learning about the accident’s impact on the client’s life. A photograph of the injuries or of any damaged property can highlight the nature of that impact. The lawyer’s ability to build a strong case could start with a study of the client’s automobile insurance policy, if that policy could be put in the hands of a hired member of the legal profession.

Information on the health coverage available to the client through an insurance policy; details on any health insurance provided by an employer. An explanation of how the client’s injuries have been diagnosed and treated. At what sort of facility did the client first seek medical care?

Has a treatment schedule been established? Have treatments begun? If so, how far must the patient/client travel in order to receive the prescribed treatment? That could add to the cost of required treatments.

If other family members were affected by the accident, have they been seen by a doctor? Did a son or daughter get seen by a pediatrician? Has any mention been made of the need to take that same child to the offices of a pediatric neurologist?

A lawyer’s understanding of the injuries sustained by a client or by other family members sheds a good deal of light on the case’s complexity. A case’s complexity also increases if either party has violated the law. That could be the situation surrounding a traffic collision or a fall on private, commercial or public property. What money has already been paid by the victim/client? Does that same victim/client have any receipts or any doctor’s bills?