How Lawyers Help Clients With A Sports Injury

The typical coach wants his team to win. A winning team must be better than the competition. When a coach equates better with tougher, the team members undergo rigorous training. That practice can increase the chances that any one player might develop a sports-related injury.

Some of those injuries are covered by medical insurance

Provides injured player with money to cover medical expenses. Does not ensure coverage of the losses that are linked to forced time off from work.

The role of the assumption of risk

Some facilities where people engage in a sporting activity ask that any customer sign an assumption of risk. That is supposed to remove the same facility from liability charges, if the signing customer later gets injured.

Exclusions to the assumption of risk

Someone that has signed such a paper gets injured due to willful or malicious conduct that has been carried out by someone else at the same facility. Often such conduct qualifies as an act of violence. The injured victim has the right to file a lawsuit.
The person engaged in the sporting activity has relied on defective equipment. Such equipment fails to provide the necessary level of protection. Consequently, the person wearing or using that same equipment experiences an unanticipated force.
The injured sports fan must check on the valid nature of the release form (release from being charged with liability). If those managing that particular facility were negligent, that fact could work to put a “hole” in the signed release form.

How could a sporting facility be negligent?

It failed to use a reasonable amount of care, when working with the hired contractors, designers or landscape architects. It did not provide beginners with an adequate amount of instruction and training. It did not set aside a sufficiently-large and properly-equipped space for training beginners. It did not hire enough people to supervise the activities that were taking place at that particular spot. Alternately, it did not arrange for any spectators to be protected from a flying ball or puck.

Could a club or association that sponsors sporting events get held liable for injuries?

It could, if it did not provide a safe setting for such activities. The personal injury lawyer in Sault Ste Marie could hold it liable, if it failed to provide teams with well-trained referees, at the time of a scheduled game.

Injuries that might be covered by a facility’s insurance

Those could be injuries caused by an intentional act. Some intentional acts are covered by a facility’s policy. Those are acts that produce an unexpected injury. If an intentional act injures someone, the victim can expect to be compensated by the sporting facility, where someone chose to perform such an act.