Why You Should Get The Advice of An Injury Lawyer After An Accident

If you have been injured in an accident, you don’t need a lawyer. You will report your accident to your insurance company and they will offer you a fair settlement — or not.

The Nature of Insurance

Unfortunately, insurance companies look to their own bottom line when offering settlements. The less they offer in compensatory settlements, the more they keep as profit. In most cases, the first settlement offered by an insurance company is far less than what is necessary to take care of the injuries sustained and future healing of the victim. It seems unfair, but that is the nature of the insurance industry today. So you can trust that your insurance company will be fair and offer you what you need to get your injuries treated and your life back to normal, or you can get legal advice.

Get Legal Advice

Contacting a Trenton personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident may be the best thing you do for yourself. Having a legal professional in your corner has multiple benefits.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

A lawyer will assist you with navigating the insurance company. As experienced legal professionals, we understand how victims often inadvertently give insurance companies information that can be used against them in a settlement. With an attorney representing you, the insurance company will go through your lawyer who knows how to navigate insurance settlements.

We also know what a fair settlement is for your injuries. If your insurance company is downplaying injuries or even denying a claim, we go to bat for you in order that you get fair compensation.

If fair compensation is impossible through negotiations, we take your claim to court to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. As sophisticated trial lawyers, we understand the ways in which insurance companies deny fair settlements and understand exactly what information and evidence are needed to make your claim a strong one. This includes:

● Adhering to important timelines
● Investigating liability
● Making use of accident reconstruction experts
● Communicating and negotiating with the insurance company
● Drafting and filing all paperwork
● Putting you in touch with expert medical personnel
● Calculating and quantifying damages
● Advising you of your legal rights and avenues for compensation

After an injury, you want to know that your best interests are being considered. When you hire a legal professional to work on your behalf, you can have peace of mind that someone is looking out for your well being. While you are attending to your physical and emotional recovery after an accident, your lawyer will be looking out for your financial recovery.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, get legal advice before you accept an insurance settlement. At AB Personal Injury Lawyer, our Trenton personal injury lawyers have over five decades of combined legal experience. Call us for a free consultation to see how having a lawyer on your side can benefit you after an accident.