Claiming Lost Income When Seeking Compensation For Accident-Linked Injury

Claimants have a right to seek more than just reimbursement of any salary that they could not earn, while recovering from their injuries.

Did the injured employee have to take any time off for a scheduled treatment?

Sometimes, an accident victim might recover to the point where he/she could return to work on at least a part-time basis, but that same victim/employee would still require a few more treatments. That employee/victim would deserve compensation for the time from work that was missed during the periods of treatment. An absence of treatment might cause certain symptoms that had been associated with the injury to re-appear.

Proofs required, if injured victim hopes to be compensated for lost income

A letter from the employer that verifies the dates when the employee was not working, and the number of hours of work missed.

—Someone that was self-employed would need a different sort of proof.
—That proof-qualifying document could be evidence of a drop in billing, or a calendar showing canceled appointments.

Proof of money that could have been earned, had the employee not sustained an injury

—For someone that worked for an employer, that proof could be a stub from a former paycheck.
—For someone that was self-employed, that proof could be any of the following: Copy of tax form from previous year or copy of relevant pages from an accountant’s books

Had the accident victim lost a financial opportunity?

Had the injured victim planned to attend a job interview that same day, or to go to an interview in the coming days? The employer must have been impressed by the victim’s resume; otherwise, there would have been no offer of a job interview.

Had the victim missed a sales meeting, while recovering from the injury? That could represent a financial loss, for someone that received a commission from any sale.

Had the victim been on the way to the first day at a new job, when the accident took place? The employer might have chosen to hire someone else.

Had the accident victim been forced to sacrifice something of value, due to the forced time in recovery?

Had the victim/employee used up some of his or her vacation days, while recovering from the injury? Each of those days had a monetary value. The victim/employee deserved compensation for that loss.

Had the victim/employee used up some of his or her sick days, while recovering from the sustained injuries? Like the vacation days, each of those sick days had a monetary value. The victim has a right to seek reimbursement of a lost value, namely the lost sick or vacation days. Personal Injury Lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie availability during the time of the victim’s recovery does not erase their value.