Problems Linked To Utilization of Ontario’s License Appeals Tribunal

For years those Ontario residents that failed to reach a settlement, following a period of negotiations could elect to present their arguments in a courtroom setting. Now, though, any resident that ends up in such a situation lacks the ability to present his or her case before a jury. In other words, each of them has been deprived of the chance to have his or her argument heard in court. (more…)

How Passenger Or Pedestrian Might Be Held Liable For Some Driver’s Negligence

How would it be possible for someone to be working at a desk and then become liable for some driver’s negligence? That would be the case, if the driver had been at the wheel of a company car and had been operating the same vehicle as part of his or her job. The driver’s employer would be held liable for any damages, if the employee operating the company’s car had an accident. (more…)

How To Achieve Success When Negotiating For A Settlement

First, appreciate the action that signals the start of the negotiating process. That action does not get carried out by some insurance adjuster. Instead, it gets performed by the policy holder that makes a claim and then writes a demand letter. That letter should contain a monetary figure, one that represents the size of a reasonably small settlement. (more…)